Get Involved in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitqy

Did you Miss out on Bitcoin (BTC)? Are you thinking you have missed out on the massive Bitcoin explosion? Bitcoin has a Market Cap of $168 Billion (updated 2/16/2018 at 1:30EST) as of the time of this post! I didn’t give it much thought when I first heard about... read more

Scam that Targets Web Developers

If you have offered website design services on a personal or small business level via a website, then you have probably received those scam emails and texts from people that claim to be needing a website designed for a new company. They include some kind of believable... read more

Knocard Review – Digital Business Cards

Have you heard about Knocard yet? It is a Digital Business Card that is designed to replace the paper business cards you use now. These are relatively new. There are a lot of digital business card platforms out there in the marketplace. Please read my review below... read more

3 Ways to Make Content Curation Quicker

In a recent Smart Insights poll, 29.6 percent of digital marketers said content marketing was the single technique that would make the biggest commercial impact on their business in 2015, topping big data at 14.6 percent. This ascendance of big content over big data... read more

Black Friday Training Offer

If you have spent anytime here at my Webguy Marketing website, then you have probably run across my Wealthy Affiliate reviews and promotions. Two years ago, I took advantage of this Black Friday deal that saved me $265 over the monthly costs I was paying. I renewed... read more

3 Rules for Email Marketing With GIFs

Google image search anything and tack “gif” on the end. Save one. Do it again. And again. If this is your first GIF search, it should definitely not be your last. That is, unless you’re not interested in boosting reader engagement and earning... read more

Are you a SME?

You may be a SME and not know it. SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. Basically, if you are a small business or merchant, you are probably considered a SME. By now, I hope if you are in business, you have built a website. It could be that your website is in... read more

Bubblews has SHUT Down

Update: Bubblews has shut down so therefore this review is no longer   This is for anyone that has been following the news and updates I have been posting about Bubblews. I give you some new Bubblews news based on my experiences yesterday. Bubblews Rule Changes... read more

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

With that article title, you may think I would be providing some ways to get more business without spending a lot of money. Low cost marketing ideas should not be confused with low cost advertising opportunities. Advertising, of course, is just one piece of marketing.... read more

3 Different Ways to Use Videos to Connect with Customers

Advertisers spent $5.60 billion on YouTube in 2013, eMarketer reports. That figure doesn’t account for costs spent on producing the videos, gathering testimonial information from customers or other related costs. The good news is more than 6 billion hours of... read more

Good Customer Service Means Everything

Customers have all the power these days. Your competitors are a quick Internet search away, and websites provide public forums to file complaints, valid or not. Consider customer service as a marketing tool. Shed light on positive reviews, and use positive feedback to... read more